mCharts App introduces Apple Integration


DENVER, CO—Connetix Health announced today the integration of Apple Health with its flagship product, mCharts, an application that stores health records securely in HIPAA-compliant services in the cloud, and assists user understanding with a visual body map and Facebook-like timeline.

mCharts combines a user’s health records from any number of practices into a single place, providing several options to incorporate these health records into the application—and now users can incorporate their own collected data.

Users now have the ability to export their ECG from Apple and import it into the mCharts application to add critical data to their health story. With the launch of the iOS app next quarter, mCharts will also pull information on fitness, sleep, and nutrition, allowing combined visual analysis across medical entries and documented lifestyle.

“The department of Health and Human Services wants patients to have access to their records and be more engaged as partners in care. Studies have shown patients have better outcomes if they are knowledgeable and engaged,” said Connetix Health founder, Kirstan Vandersluis.

Apple ECG integration (export from Apple Health, import to mCharts). Also announcing upcoming deeper integration with Apple Health with our iOS app, due out next quarter.  We’ll pull in fitness, sleep, nutrition data to enable combined analysis across medical, fitness, sleep, nutrition.

The mCharts application is now available to the public. You can learn more about the app and register here:

About Connetix Health and mCharts

Connetix Health is a leading health application and data development company. Its flagship product, mCharts is a Personal Health Record (PHR) application and service network that gathers a patient’s health records from providers, blending patient generated data with clinician data for a complete view of health. Information is presented in a visual body map, a scrolling feed, and enriched with plain-English explanations and cost saving tips. mCharts makes health records easy to understand for patients, family members, and medical providers, making the information available when needed, and facilitating healthier living.


For more information, contact mCharts Marketing Director, Shauna Armitage at or 207-710-3893

Kirstan Vandersluis