Pricing Overview


Welcome to the only visual health record! mCharts comes with a free, 30 day trial. Subscriptions can be purchased on a monthly basis, or can be purchased annually with a 15% discount. The plans are described in detail below. mCharts is also available as a free, advertising-supported version with all the basic features. We do NOT share your health information with advertisers; we simply include their ads in the content we provide to you.

If you have any questions or need clarifications, please submit your question to our Help Center. Thank you for using mCharts!


Free with Ads

Single User

Our free version is supported by advertising, which helps cover our costs. You must agree to allow us to send you advertisements with the free version. WE DO NOT SHARE YOUR HEALTH INFORMATION WITH ADVERTISERS! We simply supply their ads in the content we send to you. Specific ads you will see are controlled by a third party ad service (e.g. Google Adsense) and will be influenced by multiple factors, including your browser history, general health conditions, age, gender, location, and other factors, many of which are controlled by the ad service. Features of this version include:

Store health records from any provider. You can create a health record manually, upload a health summary manually, or set up a connection to a provider on our list. You can request us to connect to a new provider. Manual upload of any standard C-CDA document and CCD is supported!

Body map and Facebook-like timeline. mCharts plots your conditions on a body map image.

Convenient medication list

Photo documentation. You can take a photo of a condition as it evolves, to show your doctor

5 GB Storage



$49.95/Annual Subscription

Supports 4 family members (including the primary user)

Everything in the Bronze plan, plus:


Automatic download of health records. You can select a healthcare provider from our list, then supply your user name and password to their portal (you’ll need to arrange portal access first). We will then periodically download the records to make sure mCharts is up to date. You can also manually upload records you’ve gotten from your providers. Any standard C-CDA document and CCD is supported!

Track sleep, fitness, nutrition, and see trends over time in relation to your medical data. You can manually enter almost any measurement. Our iPhone app is coming soon, which will automatically collect sleep, fitness, and nutrition!

Cost savings on medications. We provide links in the medication list to GoodRx, which tells you where to go for the cheapest price on medications!

Store insurance card, medical documents. Now you have a place to centralize important documents!

Grant temporary access for doctor & family members. mCharts lets you create a temporary access token. Give this to your doctor to give them temporary access to your record.

Charts & reports to analyze health trends. mCharts lets you view trends of virtually any health measurement over time. For example, you can see how your exercise or sleep patterns affect body weight or blood pressure.

20 GB Storage



$99.95/Annual Subscription

Supports 10 family members (including the primary user)

All the Gold plan, plus:

Curated content helps you manage health. We send you important health information from trusted sources to help you manage health conditions.

Imaging storage (X-ray, MRI, etc). You can upload standard imaging files, and we provide a viewer that enables you to see X-rays, MRI’s, and other studies.

Device integration (wireless scale, heart monitor, blood pressure, pulse oximeter, etc). Our iPhone app is coming soon, which will automatically collect this data and store it with your mCharts account!

Cardiac charts (EKGs). mCharts lets you import Apple Health Echo cardiogram files, for easy viewing in mCharts!

Apple Health integration, available soon in our iPhone app

Reminders for key healthcare events (physical, flu shot, etc)

3-D models of your children. You can choose to stick with the default male or female body map image, or supply a video of your child, so you can see them within mCharts. Please email for details.