A Product for Patients.

Are you tired of filling in forms asking your medical history, and wondering what conditions or medications you've forgotten about?  Have you ever been to the ER or received a referral, only to learn that they didn't have the x-rays, lab results, or your basic health history necessary to treat you properly? Have you had repeat tests done when you didn’t need them? Have you switched doctors only to have to explain things again?

If the answer to any of these is yes, then mCharts is for you. But do you really need your charts in your pocket?


mCharts helps you stay healthy

While giving your doctors access to your health records is important and can help you get a better diagnosis, allowing you to have all of your records at the swipe of a finger has other benefits that relate directly to you:

  • Help you understand a condition that you or a family member has, and then help you follow the doctor’s treatment plan.

  • Detect changes over time for early warning of problems by monitoring lab results and use in screening tools: cardiac & diabetes risk assessment.

  • Life long storage of health records, under your control, so you always have them for routine care or emergency situations

  • Secure, HIPAA-compliant storage, and complete control over who sees your health information

  • Help in recommending the best doctor to go to for certain conditions

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mCharts helps you save money

But not only can you stay health with mCharts, we can help you save money! We can help save you money on prescription drugs, and soon, we will have features to help in choosing an optimal health insurance plan.


How it works

When you give mCharts permission to access your patient portal, it downloads your healthcare records into the app.* Your records are stored securely and made available to you, family members, and healthcare providers strictly according to your instructions. The app then presents the data on a timeline, a body map, and other simple views, making health records easy to understand and communicate for both doctor and patient.

*You can either enter your condition into mCharts initially, or wait for mCharts to pull the record from your doctor.  If you don't want to store your credentials in mCharts, you can manually download your records from your provider, and upload into mCharts.