mCharts is easy to manage and use! Here are a few examples of basic tasks you will perform in the application. Click on a video below to get started.


mCharts Overview

Learn all about the mcharts app, the basic features, and how it can best benefit you and your loved ones.

Create your mCharts account

Follow these simple instructions to open your mcharts account.

Create & manage a condition

These are the steps you need to know to place a condition on your body map and in your record manually.

Add a photo to your account

Adding a photo to your account makes for a wonderfully personalized experience, and also helps you keep your family’s profiles organized.

Add a family member

One of our favorite features (and yours!) is the ability to add family member accounts and manage all records seamlessly. Here’s how you do it.

Setup automatic health records

Connect mCharts to your patient portal to make it so your records are automatically synced with the app

Health summary download

example Taken from the UCHealth system on the epic portal

Health summary download

Example taken from a doctor’s office, medical mountain group in Colorado Springs, CO.

Upload a health summary

Once you’ve downloaded your records, you can easily upload them to your account.

Graphing data

Track your information over time to view trends and keep the best possible picture of your health

Migrating health records from HealthVault

mCharts makes migrating your HealthVault records quick and easy so you can continue to manage your healthcare effectively as HealthVault prepares to shut down.