Connetix Health Announces HealthVault Personal Health Record Migration Service


DENVER, CO—Connetix Health announced today their personal migration service for HealthVault users who are being affected by the pending expiration of the website to their next-generation PHR, mCharts. With the recent announcement from Microsoft, users will be searching for new PHRs to store their healthcare data, and mCharts is poised to support these users with a smooth transition.

Just like HealthVault, mCharts allows users to take control of their health by accessing medical records, tracking physical activities and vitals, as well as sharing data with clinicians and loved ones. Users will be able to enjoy all the functionality they are accustomed to with HealthVault, as well as some extra features that truly make mCharts a next-generation tool.

mCharts doesn’t just simply store a person’s records; it maps them all out on an easy-to-understand body map. Users will see their conditions and treatments visually and can filter by body systems or by age. mCharts is the only PHR available with this body map technology.

Users can also incorporate their own collected data via the Apple Watch integration, which allows the export of ECGs, and it can also pull fitness, sleep, and nutrition data enabling a combined analysis across several important aspects of your healthcare. Other important features include prescription savings via GoodRx, easy import/export of data, and the ability to add your family members into your account.

mCharts is life-long storage of health records, under your control, so you always have them for routine care or emergency situations. It can also detect changes over time for early warning of problems by monitoring lab results and use in screening tools: cardiac & diabetes risk assessment. All of this is done within secure, HIPAA-compliant storage, giving the end-user complete control over who sees their health information.

To register for your account, please visit: and send an email to for assistance with migrating your data from HealthVault.

About Connetix Health and mCharts

Connetix Health is a leading health application and data development company. Its flagship product, mCharts is a Personal Health Record (PHR) application and service network that gathers a patient’s health records from providers, blending patient generated data with clinician data for a complete view of health. Information is presented in a visual body map, a scrolling feed, and enriched with plain-English explanations and cost saving tips. mCharts makes health records easy to understand for patients, family members, and medical providers, making the information available when needed, and facilitating healthier living.

For more information, contact mCharts Marketing Director, Shauna Armitage at or 207-710-3893

Kirstan Vandersluis