Connetix Health Runs First Consumer Study in Development Process of mCharts App


DENVER, CO—Connetix Health launched an immersive focus group in Colorado Springs to take more positive steps in the product development of their flagship product mCharts before a soft launch.

Like for personal finance, mCharts brings all healthcare records together in one place, so they are ready when needed for routine needs or emergency situations.

In order to test the first version of the app, Connetix gathered a group of men and women in Colorado Springs, aged 18-60, to learn about and engage with the mCharts app.

The three main goals of the study where to 1) Identify the market for this application; 2) Discover ways to improve the concept and functionality; and 3) Determine the best pricing model for success.

Other companies have produced similar technologies in the past. The idea that patients should readily have access to their own records isn’t new. Amid all the big companies like Microsoft and Dossia who have worked on this type of product, none have developed an application that has appealed to the mainstream. However, the case study confirmed that mCharts will be a relevant and sought after product upon launch.

For the second goal, the focus group provided invaluable feedback on how to improve mCharts’ organization of information, access to information, the medication feature, and insurance cross check. Connetix plans on developing these aspects of the application further before the soft launch next fall.

And for the third goal, Connetix came to the conclusion that there is a strong market for both a paid and freemium model, opening the door for both subscription fees and advertising dollars as potential revenue streams.

With overwhelmingly positive and constructive feedback, Connetix Health looks forward to further development of mCharts and the release of the Beta app in fall 2018.

Shauna Armitage