Connetix Health Raises First Round of Funding for Flagship Product, "mCharts"

Colorado Springs, CO - August 7, 2018. Colorado Springs based Connetix Health announced it has raised $225,000 from a group of private investors in Colorado, its first such capital raise. The company’s flagship product, “mCharts”, is a cloud-based Personal Health Record (PHR) application that stores and manages health records from all of a patient’s health providers. A user’s health records are presented in graphical views including a body map and scrolling health feed. The information is intended to help patients understand their health conditions and care plans and better advocate for themselves, leading to better health outcomes and lower costs.


Connetix Health founder Kirstan Vandersluis started the business to solve problems he experienced in healthcare. “The motivation behind mCharts is my own difficult experience gathering medical records from various medical providers when switching doctors. One large provider here in town lost all my records when they upgraded their systems. I realized these businesses don't have much incentive to manage my records over the long term. In most aspects of my life, I have access to my data electronically.  But not Healthcare. mCharts solves this my letting people own their own health records”.

Vandersluis feels that most patients want to be more active in discussions with their providers, but lack the information needed for effective conversation. mCharts is designed to provide that information. “I see how patients and families can be empowered with their own health information. They can be better partners in care with clinicians, which can lead to better health outcomes with lower costs. People want to own their health data”.

Early indications are that Vandersluis is correct. In a focus group sponsored by the company in December, over 90% of participants indicated a desire to use mCharts to collect and manage their health records compared to their current access methods. Reasons cited included the convenience of having all medical records available when needed, the easy and intuitive information views in mCharts, cost saving features like prescription drug discounts, and health-related reminders.

US Government agencies are firmly behind the move to give patients better access to their records. Initiatives launched by the department of Health and Human Services and the Dept of Veterans Affairs open up medical information directly to patients. The 21st Century Cures Act initiates new fines for providers or vendors blocking information from patients, and for the first time, enables state or regional Health Information Exchanges the ability to deliver medical records directly to patients. This will allow Colorado’s largest Health Information Exchange, CORHIO, to open up records amassed from providers across Colorado directly to patients, once appropriate technology is in place.

The company plans to market mCharts directly to consumers and patients, and is also in discussions with provider groups and health information exchanges to help them achieve better patient engagement using mCharts. The company will be enrolling test users in August of this year. Interested parties can contact the company directly at to inquire about participating as a test user.

Vandersluis is a long time Colorado Springs resident and entrepreneur and has consulted for large Healthcare organizations including Kaiser Permanente, University of Michigan Health Services, and HealthRX. He is an Air Force veteran and volunteer for the entrepreneurial organization 10.10.10 Health in Denver.

For more information, please contact: mCharts Marketing Director, Shauna Armitage, via email at

Kirstan Vandersluis