Connetix Health Announces Alpha Trial of mCharts App

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DENVER, CO—Connetix Health announced today the availability of a pre-release version of its flagship product, mCharts. mCharts is a Personal Health Record (PHR) application that automatically gathers health records from your medical providers. The app makes health records easy to understand and share to the right people at the right time. Records are stored in highly secure, HIPAA-compliant services in the cloud, so they are always available when needed, for routine care or emergency needs.

This “private alpha” trial is ongoing and its applications are available for use exclusively for the Alpha testers for the next 45 days as the Connetix Health team monitors feedback and input. The Beta version of the mCharts application is expected to launch to around 200 testers in early November.

The core features available in the mCharts application include secure collection of health records stored in one place, accessible records via the cloud, a Facebook-like timeline and body map making the information easy to digest, as well as money saving tools like GoodRX.

Connetix Health looks forward to the next milestone in the development of mCharts with the Open Beta launch, which will include an improved interface and user experience. People wishing to request an invite to our Open Beta may do so through our website at


About mCharts

Connetix Health is a leading health application and data development company. Its flagship product, mCharts is a Personal Health Record (PHR) application and service network that gathers a patient’s health records from providers, blending patient generated data with clinician data for a complete view of health. Information is presented in a visual body map, a scrolling feed, and enriched with plain-English explanations and cost saving tips. mCharts makes health records easy to understand for patients, family members, and medical providers, making the information available when needed, and facilitating healthier living.


For more information, contact mCharts Marketing Director, Shauna Armitage at or 207-710-3893

Kirstan Vandersluis