Transform healthcare.

The typical family interacts with over 10 different providers, each with their own record system and patient portal. It is extremely difficult for everyone involved in a patient’s health journey to understand what’s going on. By having all of their health history at just a tap, patients will spend more time engaging in their health.

By having everything in one place, healthcare providers can reference histories and other services patients have utilized, giving them a greater holistic picture of the patient. This means better service and more detailed discussions about the healthcare matters you have now.

How it works.

  • You authorize mCharts to download health records from each of your medical providers.  You can also upload health records, or enter them manually into mCharts.  Most users will have some historical conditions and procedures that don't exist in any system, so manual entry can be used in these cases

  • Patient records are stored securely in the cloud in HIPAA-compliant services, and made available to providers and family members strictly according to patient instructions

  • mCharts can help the patient understand a condition and follow the doctor’s care plan

  • The app presents data in easy to understand ways, including a “timeline” and body scan of historical health data

  • mCharts saves money on medical costs by linking to health savings and information networks like GoodRx, HealthlinePlus, and other evolving services, which help find cost savings and explain complicated health terminology.

Health Record Sources