A Product for Providers.

A knowledgeable and prepared patient facilitates efficient encounters.  mCharts lets patients download records from all their providers, leading to a universal, longitudinal record.  Patients get better understanding and conformance to care plans.  When authorized, your clinicians gain access to a longitudinal health record for accelerated and accurate understanding, leading to efficient encounters and improved health for your patients.

mCharts uses HIPAA conformant storage and practices for security, privacy, and control.

If you want better patient engagement and more efficient encounters, then mCharts is for you and your practice.


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How it works

mCharts works by engaging patients and providers together to ensure a partnership in healthcare. By consolidating all of a patient’s history into one place, you no longer have to go looking for documentation. mCharts gathers health summaries from all the patient providers, and provides a universal, longitudinal health summary that can be made available to the clinician.  Some other benefits include:

  • The patient or caregiver/parent can take a photograph of a condition as it evolves, and enter text notes about the conditions

    • Patient notes and photographs recorded at time of condition provide a more accurate record, rather than relying on the patient’s memory and communication skills at a later physician encounter

  • mCharts prepares the patient and/or caregiver for an encounter

    • The patient/caregiver organize for an encounter with conditions documented in advance

    • Conditions can be printed or shown interactively on a mobile device during the encounter

    • Longitudinal Continuity of Care Document (CCD) can be sent in advance to the office to facilitate import into the local EHR and clinician review

    • The Body Map and timeline provide context for a “One Minute Health Review”, for quick health history review, providing context and speeding provider encounters with the patient

    • New conditions are displayed prominently, reducing reliance on the patient’s memory to cover each reason for the visit

  • Health records (CCD) can be transmitted in advance to the provider, with patient control over what information is shared

  • Physicians can choose to review records in advance of encounters, enabling better time management and more efficient/time saving encounters

  • Interested in better patient engagement with mCharts?  Please email us at info@mCharts.com, to discuss a pilot and roll-out.  mCharts base platform integrates seamlessly with your patient portal without integration costs.  More advanced integrations are also possible to fit your patient engagement and practice objectives.